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are you ready for a nearly indestructable racing body?


“I recently purchased one of your bodies from Scott Racing Engines in Kansas. It was the "junior" version. Although mounting it was a bit of a challenge, it looked great. Last Saturday night my 9 year old son was in an IKF regional event and was involved in a major wreck. He hit the hay bales from the side at about 45mph; kart wheeled three times, rolled once and came to rest back on its wheels. My son was ejected at the first kart wheel and walked away with a bruise; he instinctively ran and sat back in the kart seat to continue racing. The reason I'm writing you is to tell you what a great product you have. Bringing the kart back to the pit area I was astonished to see not even a small dent or scratch on the body. Not only did the body hold up but I believe it protected the chassis, engine and other vital components. If I had last year's fiberglass body on the kart it would have been in a hundred pieces.”

Dave Wells, Principal

Alburquerque Evening High School

“I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased we are with the body we picked up at Kartfest. We put it in the next day and I was very impressed with the fit, and the overall look is awesome. I saw one of your guys at the show, but he was busy with someone, and I did not get a chance to speak to him, but we would love to have some decals for the kart, so everyone will know what kind of body we are sportiní. Thanks again, you have a terrific product.”

David Carden

Concord, NC

“I usually go through a least two bodies a year; with the Majestic Body it still looks great!!”

Dustin Chisholm

Dustin Chisholm after winning the Dirt National at Waynesfield Ohio.

“Our son just started racing this year in the junior class, and after tearing up and repairing several fiberglass bodies we purchased your Majestic Body. Almost everyone at the track (promoter, flag man, and tech officials included) have commented on the design and durability of this body! If there is anything that we can do to help promote your product please let us know. We know it took us a lot of research on the internet to find it, but we are glad we did!! We are very proud of the way this kart looks, it is by far the best looking kart on the track. First night out we took second place, and the second night out we had a clean sweep!! We have another kart and will hopefully be getting another body soon. Just wanted to say THANKS!”

Mayhew Racing #9 - Jim and Toni Mayhew

“This is a nice body you sell, we did see it at Kart Fest and was impressed and now that we have one are even more impressed.”

Kenny Derr

KRW Motorsports

A sample of a Majestic Body from Kenny Derr (KRW Motorsports)

“Hi, my name is Benji Irvine. I have one of your bodies and I love it but I dont have any Magestic stickers to put on it because the ones that came with it last year were scuffed and dug up after this racing season. The stickers wore out before the body did, so I will be using the body over again this year and I wondered if I could get some stickers to go on it.”

Benji Irvine

Stanley IA